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Whats the difference between varifocals and occupational lenses?

Today's world is increasingly visually demanding; from mobile phones to tablets, laptops and PCs, the range of distances we need in focus has changed. 

Varifocals are a great option for moving around in and seeing clearly at all distances simultaneously. But for longer periods of dedicated close work an occupational varifocal might provide a better solution . They are also called enhanced readers.

Occupational lenses can help with posture and reduce the neck ache that often results from trying to use varifocals or just reading glasses. The bottom part of the lens gives you great vision for reading small print and the top of the lens gives you range that allows you to see a PC or another person across the desk or table. It's easier to use than a varifocal and offers good value as an additional pair.  They are great for hobbies where you need to see a few feet way but also detail up close.

 Discuss range with us at your next visit and we will make glasses that work for YOU.

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