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Show your dry eyes some LOVE!

Dry eyes : Many of you may be suffering from dry eyes. Especially with the changes in temperature/central heating at this time of year .

⁣This might be as : -Red eye -A gritty foreign body sensation -Increased light sensitivity⁣ -Stinging, burning, itchy or scratching sensations in one or both eyes⁣ -Contact lenses become uncomfortable ⁣ -Watery eyes⁣!(Overcompensating /reflex tearing) -Blurred vision and fatigued eyes. ⁣ This can be managed by⁣ - Eye drops to help relieve symptoms⁣. It’s important to get the right drops for your eyes -Drinking lots of water 💧💧💧⁣ -Blinking more by having more breaks especially from close work/screens -Avoid rubbing your eyes 👀⁣ -Give your eyes a break from wearing contact lenses (at least one day off a week) -HAVE REGULAR EYE EXAMINATIONS (at least every 2 years) 🙋‍♂🙋🏻‍♀⁣ If you want to learn more about ways you can manage your dry eyes, such as which eye drops to use and which contact lenses may be more suitable for you, contact us at 📞01923 286 434 #loveyoureyes #glasses #contacts #designer #eyewear #optician #chorleywood #dryeyes #eyedrops @ Chorleywood Eye Centre

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