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Which sunglasses are best for golfers?

Which sunglasses are best for golfers?

Can I just wear a hat ?

Which tint colour is best?

🧢 A hat only stops the light coming in from one angle and we need to be mindful of the light bouncing off the ground (which can cause distracting glare) .

Luke Donald is a good example of a hat wearer , the crows feet near his eyes probably would have been prevented with sunglasses.

Justin Rose wears sunglasses not only to protect from UV light but also to keep pollen out as he suffers with allergies .

Golfers spend a lot of time outdoors and over a lifetime the extra light exposure can speed up ageing of the eyes (cataracts and macula degeneration 😱)

Sunglasses with UV protection are a must for golfers .

I shove mine on the top of my head during my swing. The bulk of the time we are on the course we are in between shots , that’s when the sunnies need to be protecting your eyes .

❌ darker tints do not offer more protection

✅ polarising sunglasses reduce glare and if possible always choose this

So depending on the light conditions you are playing in ideally you would have two pairs of sunglasses for golf:

-Grey is good for harsh/strong sun or very bright days , it’s the darkest of the tints

-Brown/rose tints are best for contrast enhancing (green reading ) and they are not as dark so you don’t lose detail (again better for green reading) These lenses work best for moderate to high sun levels .

-Amber/yellow contrast lenses are good to “brighten up” a dull day . Cyclists often wear this lens colour so they can see the potholes better/earlier on a cloudy day .

-Some golfers particularly those with a prescription choose to wear lenses that react to the level of light/uv #transitions

Speak to your local optician for expert advice,fitting and aftercare of your sunglasses.

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